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Listen to an interview with Daniel Pemberton, composer of Ridley Scott’s The Counselor.  In this interview I discuss his musical background, what it means to be a composer, and the details of the score itself.  Being so young, Daniel is a composer in the exclusive Ridley Scott composer club, which itself is a massive achievement.  It’s a fascinating look inside the mind of a musician, and also a composer that is continuously working in the industry.  It’s a really great interview with wonderful score cues, which are listed below in listening order:

1 – The Hunter (The Counselor)
2 – The Counselor (The Counselor)
3 – The Lovers (The Counselor)
4 – A Warning (The Counselor)
5 – Seeing Through Ghosts (from The Awakening)
6 – The Hunted (The Counselor)
7 – All These Worlds (The Counselor)
8 – Desert Star Septic (The Counselor)
9 – Memories of Green – Vangelis (Blade Runner)
10 – A Glorious Woman (The Counselor)
11 – World You Have Created (The Counselor)